From the Desk of the National
Soul Food Cook-Off Director


The aroma still brings back fond memories---the mouth-watering smell of Sweet Potato Pie, Smothered Chicken and Rice, homemade Mac and Cheese , Mustard Greens, and Hot Water Cornbread that came from the kitchen of RueDoris McBath---one of the all time great cooks in
my eyes---who just happens to have been my mother.

The warmth I feel inside at the thought of my mother and those wonderful meals she
prepared, flood my conscious almost daily.  It is those memories that inspired me to start the National Soul Food Cook-Off.  Now in its second year, the National Soul Food Cook-Off is my labor of love. It is a great way to bring family, friends and loved ones together for a day of fun
and fond memories.

This event gives an older person a chance to go back in time and relive their childhood experience through the comfort of Soul Food.  It allows some of you old-timers out there a chance to swap stories and brag about your cooking prowess.  It also serves as an educational experience for the younger generation and an opportunity to interact with family, friends and
the more seasoned cooks in the crowd.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the community for coming out to the National
Soul-Food Cook Off.  I encourage everyone to come and participate---and above all else,
have fun.

Visit each booth and enjoy the atmosphere of down home cooking,

Be Blessed


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